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All-In-One Sports VR

A VR Game available for PCVR & Oculus Quest

10 Sports in 1 Game ! What type of sports acitivities will be safer during the pandemic era? All in One sports VR offers the most safe way to keep you healthy for both physically and mentally with zero contact.


- A variety of sports titles experiences
- Baseball, Archery, Ping Pong, Basketball, Bowling, Badminton, Golf, Dart, Billiard, Boxing

- Real time PvP by multiplay
- Boxing is not yet supported

- Realistic virtual sports experiences by advanced physics

- Realistic virtual sports experiences by advanced physics

- Player customization

- Simple UI and easy control can help anyone to play

- 5 different difficulties from beginner to professional

* The game format is the same as the official Olympic rules, so you can learn sports training and rules.
* Suitable for virtual reality sports classrooms that must be conducted indoors due to physical education facilities and weather conditions.

Developed by Appnori Inc (9)
Release date: 25th February 2021
Players: Single Player, Online Multi-player


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