Amazing Thailand VR Experience Review

Cook some virtual Jasmine rice

Reviewed by on 3rd June 2022

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Tested on PC with Quest 2 and airlink. It's an interesting experience combining 3 short subgames about cultural traditions and travel videos.

When you first spawn you are in a beautiful environment surrounded by traditional wooden buildings and a forest. There is an element of roomscale so you can walk around in this limited area (I dont know if teleport or smooth controls were part of this). You choose which experience you want to run from traditional cooking with rice, muai-thai kick boxing, traditional garment weaving, and one of several vr 360 cultural videos.

Graphics & Presentation

The main menu room and graphics are very good, theres a beautiful blue sky, for example the devs did an excellent job of capturing the sun reflecting and shimmering off the roof tops. The menus are very clear

Sound FX & Music

Sound effects and music are fine

Gameplay & Immersion

There are a few novel elements in the game, for example you will do things such as growing, cutting and sorting rice in a paddy field, and then cooking it. Walking around a traditional area where garments are made from silk and natural cotton. You likely wouldnt see that in other games.


Controls are mostly using the A, B, and trigger of the right Quest 2 controller. I dont know if teleport or smooth motions controls are supported, but roomscale definately is. This may be a problem if you dont have space to walk around in. Some experiences such as rice harvesting may be hampered by this.

Value & Replayability

You might maybe revisit once or twice to try the experiences again

Final Thoughts

Its free. If you have a spare 15 minutes and are curious you may as well download it. Some of the interactions are somewhat unique, such as cooking, harvesting rice etc.

  • Good graphics
  • Novel controls and interations with rice, spinning wheels, cooking pots etc.
  • There are a few snippets of interesting information shown in the experiences.
  • I didnt find support for teleport or smooth motion.
  • VR360 video is low quality and can be quite shakey
  • Not enough time to read information captions when voice narration starts

Reviewed by on 3rd June 2022

5 out of 10

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Amazing Thailand VR Experience
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