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Another Dawn

A VR Game

A quiet holiday on a tropical island suddenly becomes your worst nightmare when a ruthless criminal organization kidnaps your family.

Battle against hunger, thirst, unscrupulous mercenaries and wild creatures in order to stay alive and save your beloved!

Gameplay features

- Engaging story, adventurous mix of action, survival and shooting.

- Experience freedom while exploring extended semi-open world levels, like breathtaking tropical landscapes and huge mountain tunnels.

- Find food, drinks, improvised weapons and everything you need to survive in the wild nature.

- Run, swim, fight and shoot, taking on mercenaries and non-humans creatures, while exploring every corner of the island.

- Non-scripted artificial intelligence: enemies tend to react actively and differently according to their own properties and your in-game behaviour.

- Realistic physics, implementing different impact reactions to materials and water floating system.

Developed by KR Games (9)
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