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Ascent Spirit [Gameplay]
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Oculus Rift

Ascent Spirit

A VR Game available for Oculus Rift


Set in 1940, you're a French legionnaire in one of the last military hot air balloon to oversee the Hanoi bay and secure the area due to early independence riots.

You get separated from your ship and blown away by the winds. Unable to contact your base or control the balloon, you finally hit the Kawagarbo and get thrown overboard. Now equipped with two improvised ice axes your only chance of survival is to reach the top of this known sacred mountain and get back to your craft before the winds free it.


- 1 player

- Immersive climbing game tailored for VR

- Face mountain hazards

- Enjoy Himalayas landscape from NASA topology maps

- 3 different endings depending on your actions during the ascent

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