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B99 [Gameplay]

B99 [Gameplay]

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A VR Game available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift & Valve Index


B99 is an FPS Shooter Roguelike set in a vision of cyberspace pulled from the 1980s. Dungeons are randomly generated each play through.


A Fast Paced Shooter set in a Roguelike Metaverse crafted by the B99 AI itself. The remnants of humanity are forced to challenge a Labyrinth created by an AI trained on Classic Digital Games. For the B99 it is only a Game and you only the Player. For humanity it is survival. Upgrades and Weapons abound to help you overcome Enemies, Bosses, and Traps looking to end your Run.

Think Doom, Parodius, BattleZone, Robotron, and Rogue mixed in a blender and you get B99.

Procedural Levels.

Lots of weapons and power ups.

Dozens of enemy types.

Bosses galore.

An Ai that just wants to torment you out of boredom.

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