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Blacktop Hoops [Trailer]

Blacktop Hoops [Gameplay]

Blacktop Hoops [Gameplay]

Blacktop Hoops [Gameplay]

Blacktop Hoops [Gameplay]

Blacktop Hoops [Gameplay]
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Oculus Quest

Blacktop Hoops

A VR Game available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest & Valve Index


Blacktop Hoops is the world's first competitive VR streetball game. Chain together flashy dribble tricks, shots, and high-flying dunks to finish off opponents in epic games of 1-on-1 arcade basketball.

The game was designed with the most natural basketball mechanics ever built for virtual reality with intuitive dribbling, shooting, layups, and dunking. Play against dynamic mocap-driven AI recorded from pro streetball legends and dunkers. Ball out to an original 90s-inspired soundtrack with narration from legendary emcees Bobbito Garcia and WNBA legend Renee Montgomery. Unlock 30+ kicks from leading indie brands and shoe designers. Become the G.O.A.T.

Blacktop Hoops will be released in three phases:

The first phase will be an Alpha demo with four modes:

    Tutorial - A tutorial to get you up to speed on the basics of playing VR streetball in Blacktop Hoops.
    Play Mode - Play against an AI opponent with realistic mocap animations with four difficulty levels.
    Practice Mode - Practice new dribble moves, tricks, and dunks in your own personal practice court.
    Shooting Training - Train your shooting skills and see how many shots you can make.

The second phase of the release will include basic multiplayer with open lobbies. You'll be able to hang out and play against other players on Steam and Oculus Quest.

The third phase which will be our public Beta will be a paid version of the game and will include 3 unique characters, 2 court locations, private lobbies, and ranked matchmaking.

Pull off buttery smooth crossovers and break ankles with our groundbreaking dribble system.

Knock down threes, fadeways, stepbacks, and floaters with intuitive shooting mechanics.

Elevate with ease and posterize opponents with devastating high-flying dunks.

Dynamic AI
Play against responsive AI that can break your ankles and finish with the flush, floater, or fade.

Vibe to a 90s soundtrack, ball out to emcee Bobbito Garcia, and unlock VR kicks from iconic streetball brands.

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