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Blind Review

A very unique concept for a game that maybe needs a bit more direction

Reviewed by Griffin on 6th April 2022 on HTC Vive

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In Blind, you play as a woman named Jean who after a car accident awakens blind and captive in a strange man's house. You must then solve puzzles to unlock the narrative of what's really going on.

While the game does not officially list WMR as supported I played the entire game on my HP Reverb G2 without issue.

The game took me about 2.5 hours to complete.

I played the game on the following:

I7 7700K

GTX 1080 TI


HP Reverb G2

Graphics & Presentation

Visually the game is rather basic. It is all in black and white and models are just outlines. This, of course, all makes sense within the narrative of the game playing as a blind person, and the aesthetic styling is unique and interesting to look at but very eerie.

Sound FX & Music

Because you are blind the game relies heavily on sound cues, the sound varies spacial and the voice acting is all very good

Gameplay & Immersion

Gameplay is where the game really lets itself down. The puzzles are both intuitive and very simple. To give you two examples of this, the first puzzle you must set a clock to the correct time, the game tells you to listen to a recording that has a clock chime six times telling you to set it to 6 o'clock very simple and straight forward however there must have been some other hint that I missed as the time you actually need to set it to is 6:15, even after completing the game I don't know how I was supposed to figure for that clock strike on the hour, not 15 minutes after.

Another example of a puzzle is, as I was in a large room with a bunch of symbols and a cog with three symbols on it to solve this puzzle you ignore all that click four buttons the cog changes to 1 symbol and leave out the matching door. That's not a puzzle there was nothing to solve.

The game also has a clash of ideas, on one hand, it wants to be a puzzle game on the other it wants to be horror, while not really achieving either of these very well.


The games controls are all fine and intuitive, the only small change I would make would be to be able to adjust the cane length as I found I often did not reach the floor with it.

Value & Replayability

For $29 local currency I think the game is overpriced. The game takes about 2.5 hours to complete but isn't particularly fun in gameplay and has little to reply excect for a few completionist achievements which might take you a second playthrough to get.

Final Thoughts

While I enjoyed the concept of the game it lacked in execution. It was not a satisfying puzzle game nor a very good horror game. I commend the developers for trying something different and putting some work into making it narrative-focused but I don't think that was enough

  • Blindness was a unique concept
  • Good visuals
  • Good Voice acting
  • Short campaign
  • Simple and not very fun puzzles
  • Not enough Horror for Horror fans
  • Possibly too much for non-Horror fans

Reviewed by Griffin on 6th April 2022 on HTC Vive

4 out of 10

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