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Budget Cuts Review

Charming, Funny, and a even a little spooky at times

Reviewed by Griffin on 18th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

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Budget Cuts is a comical stealth game reminiscent of Portal, from its humor to level design. You play as one of the last humans in a mega corp thats jobs are outsourced to robots, and you need to get to the top and confront your boss.

In your adventure you are given a teleportation gun and a number of sharp objects to disable the robots.

Along your journey you are guided by Wanda, another employee who communicates on the fax phone, and you hear comical voice lines from your boss over the PA system (almost like Cave Cave Johnson from portal)

I also played with smooth locamotion in addition to the teleportation which I think was a good combo, to mix and match both.

The campaign took me about 5 hours to complete.

I played the game on:

I7 7700k

GTX 1080ti

16gb Ram

WMR HP Reverb

Graphics & Presentation

The visual style is a simplistic aesthetic with a lot of bright colours which I think works and looks really good even on lower resolution headsets as it helps define everything. Because of the games simplistic style the texture are often quote low resolution but in play it looks fine. A lot more detail is put into the robots, this is because you will be focusing on them more and to make their rag doll more satisfying.

The whole presentation of this game really just reminds me of portal from the art to the comedy to the characters, I think if you are a fan of portal you will enjoy the world and setting of budget cuts too.

Sound FX & Music

The games voice acting is all very well done and professional sounding. There are two main types of robots - the worker robots, and the security robots. They also are voiced and have a variety of idle dialogue which is often funny or even a little creepy if they are hunting you down.

There are only a few songs in the game, most notably the one for combat when you are spotted, which is quite effective and the end game song which is really well done and I still listen too on occasion even after playing the game.

Gameplay & Immersion

This game is a stealth game and primarily expects you to sneak around and find secret passages to get around, however on any given level they will usually give you enough weapons to dispose of the enemies if that is more your style.

The only form of combat is throwing weapons, which I could never quite get the hang of for throwing any substantial distance. The game also features a number of Mutators which are modifiers to the game to make it more challenging if you so desire.

The portal gun the game gives you to teleport is also very well done as it spawns a portal orb that you can look into and be spotted from before teleporting to the location.


The controls all worked fine for me, compatibility with WMR was good, and everything was logical.

I did run into a small issue as I was playing with the smooth locomotion mutator, I had to turn it off, then back on every session to get it to work again, but a minor inconvenience at best.

Another small issue is the games rotation is based on your room rather than where you are standing which can be a tad disorienting if you are not standing in the centre and are rotating to get a better angle on something. This was done I assume to stop people from glitching through walls but is inconvenient for odd shaped play spaces.

Value & Replayability

Though the game campaign is not that long the game offers a few different paths to get to through each level and also has an Arcade mode which is additional bonus levels, new difficulty, and a scoring system which should add a lot of replayability to the game.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed my time with Budget cuts. The gameplay was solid, the level design tight with lots of secret paths and such, and the writing was really well done as I have mentioned similar to valves style. This is a game I highly recommend!

  • A great sense of Humour
  • Fun polished gameplay
  • Decent visual style
  • Great level design
  • A few small control compromises
  • Throwing can be tricky

Reviewed by Griffin on 18th October 2020 on Windows Mixed Reality

8 out of 10

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Budget Cuts
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