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Oculus Quest

Dungeon Maker

A VR Game available for Oculus Quest


Greetings My Lord !

I hath heard thou art quite the dungeon connoisseur, so i maketh this bawbling passthrough system where thee can buildeth thy owneth dungeon using a variety of traps and items, as well as lodging waypoints to giveth goals to the dungeon seekers.

What can I expect from my dungeon??
Fear not Sire, there is much:
1  Proceduraly generated plot and a treasure to go with it.
2  Hand tracking and presence! Use your hands to bring up your Orb of Quests as well as interact with the world.
3  A variety of slashing, crushing and deadly traps.
4  Lava floor!
5  Quest items such as waypoints and keys (that open doors).
6  Occlusion boxes to occlude your own furniture.
7 Walls to build around your dungeon.
8  A save / load system so you don't need to keep rebuilding each time! (Even tough it's fun to build, let's be honest.)

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