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Oculus Quest

Gods and Chariot

A VR Game available for Oculus Quest


In this game you will go back to mighty Egyptian Empire. Ride the chariot, crush your enemy and see them driven, or travel across the oasis. Shoot a bow, use a spear, or go to battles, fight alongside with Egyptian gods and save the land from darkness and invaders.

In bronze age Chariots were the most fearful instrument of war. Unorganized light Infantries are going to be easily destroyed by chariots. Elite troops, heavy infantries/pikemen are effective causing damage to chariot.

In the battles you will need to defeat the enemy marshal and make sure yours doesn't fall. You will also receive reinforcements, however it is going to be outnumbered by enemy.

This is a single player game. You can sit or stand when playing the game. You can always recalibrate your position/height after change posture or placements.

This game is in active development.

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