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A VR Game available for PCVR & Oculus Quest

HeadCount is an action-packed bullet-hell VR shooter with a focus on old-school arcade action with an approachable gameplay style that anyone can just jump in and start playing right away in vibrant, stylized battlefields.

HeadCount is an action-packed arcade style bullet-hell VR shooter. Bringing the perfect combination of old-school arcade shooter action and approachable gameplay, anyone can jump in and hit the gun-fu groove. With a wide (and growing!) arsenal of weapons, over-the-top abilities and powerups, you will overcome overwhelming odds to save the day in a number of vibrant, stylized battlefields. Chain combos together to power up special moves, earn money by completing levels, and buy new and cooler weapons.

Developed by Monochrome (2) | Release date: 19th April 2022
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