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Oculus Go

Horseshoe Bend

A VR Experience available for Oculus Rift & Oculus Go


Horseshoe Bend is a truly iconic landmark. Located right next to America's Grand Canyon, it is located where the Colorado does a massive twist in a horseshoe bend shape. One of the most popular and visited natural attractions in North America, most people who visit Horseshoe Bend view it from the main lookout point, which offers a truly stunning view. However it is not the only place to view this landmark, and hiking along the edges of the canyon offers one a completely different way to experience it. We also allow people to view Horseshoe Bend from the far side where very people venture. This offers a view of Horseshoe Bend every bit as stunning as the main lookout point, and arguably even more so. You truly feel like a bird with wings as you slowly take off and fly around this canyon, going right close to the cliffs, and gliding along the beautiful Colorado River below.

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