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I Expect You To Die: Home Sweet Home

A VR Game available for Oculus Quest


Become a secret agent in your own living room in this short mixed reality mini-mission. You have been smuggled out of a top-secret medical facility to recover in the comfort of your home. Fitted with your new ocular implant, you will decipher puzzles, dodge dangerous threats, fight robotic hornets, and use spy gadgets galore. Dr. Zor has set a trap - right in your home! It is up to you to thwart those plans and save the day.

✦Transform your home into an escape room with the power of mixed reality
✦Solve this mini-mission in less time than it takes Dr. Zor to craft an evil plan
✦Use special x-ray technology to uncover hidden objects inside your walls
✦Play worry-free, knowing you can see everything in your space, even with your headset on, using Quest's passthrough feature

This escape room experience from the developers of the I Expect You To Die franchise will put your spy mettle to the test. Working from home may have you longing for your days in the field, rest assured!

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