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Labyrinth deLux - A Crusoe Quest

A VR Game available for PCVR & Oculus Quest

Solve 16 mind bending puzzles by guiding a laser beam through a maze of mirrors and prisms. Walk on walls and ceilings through a unique magnetic shoe locomotion. Enjoy a funny frame story between a female space trucker and her overly correct AI companion.


Welcome to the Labyrinth, Space Trucker!
In this VR puzzle game you take on the role of Robin, the Space Trucker, who is pulled through a wormhole into the adventure of a lifetime.
You wake up in a temple-like environment and have to traverse and decipher a 16 different rooms campaign.

Your task is to direct a laser beam through the twisting rooms by using rotatable mirrors, wall mirrors and prisms, uniting different colored lasers and hitting specific targets to open the gates to the next room.

You'll be able to teleport to the ceiling and walls of the rooms, walk all around, grab and align the mirrors and lasers to direct the laser beam past obstacles and hit the right targets.

You'll be accompanied by your artificial assistant Friday, who will always be at your side. With his help and your scan function, you'll be able to decipher the stone pillars and learn more about the ancient civilization that built this labyrinth and why they built it.

Embedded in a funny, yet mysterious story, you'll have to solve the mystery of an ancient civilization and get closer to the mysterious treasure with each room you solve.

Are you the chosen one who can solve all the rooms and reveal the secret of the treasure?

Developed by K5 Factory GmbH | Release date: 2nd March 2022
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