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Oculus Go

Motor Rider

A VR Game available for Oculus Go


Are you ready for a fast and delighted motor race by easily using the driving technics like diagonally passing, near passing, sliding and overtaking with a feeling of a real driving.

Motor Rider game brings this high adrenaline in your mobile device.

You are going to be pleased to drive super motorbikes.

As you are racing against the time and challenging racetrack with traffic racing game, at the same time your agile motions save you much more points and make you satisfied.

On the other hand, please do not forget you are in an intense traffic and you have to restart the race when you hit the other cars in high speed.

Depending on your ability and the performance during the race, you will earn different types of points and you can buy new motorcycles or upgrade their features.


- Realistical driving by high capability of motorcycle handling

- Realistic engine sounds recorded from real bikes

- Exclusive, many types of motorbikes

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    • TitleMotor Rider
    • DeveloperHASoft
    • Released14th May 2020
    • StatusFull Release
    • Platform (Change) Oculus Go
    • In-Game Specs

    • Number of PlayersSingle Player
    • Play AreaSeated
    • ControlsGamepad
      Go Controller

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