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Oculus Quest

Shuttle Maze

A VR Game available for Oculus Quest


Shuttle Maze introduces a new challenging VR gameplay in which you control Glow's spaceship - "The Minotaur", in 3rd person perspective, in all 6 directions.

Shuttle Maze is created by gamers who wish to create a comfortable VR game which emphasizes game balance and mechanics.
Inspired by classic 2D platformer games which focus on player's timing and precision, Shuttle Maze requires you to master your skills in controlling Glow's spaceship, its bombs and its projectiles.

- 6 CAMPAIGN levels
- 10 RACE levels
~180 minutes

"Easily one of the best experiences i've had on the quest. Everything is so well put together from the music to the colors.." - 5/5 Mike Peters

"..There are a lot of great things about this game, the music, the mechanics, the graphics, but what really stood out for me was the level design.." - 5/5 elhnad

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