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Oculus Quest

Stones of Harlath

A VR Game available for Oculus Rift & Oculus Quest


**Stones of Harlath now also includes a wave-based Arena mode, with exciting fights and challenging new bosses.**


Stones of Harlath is a first person dungeon crawler in VR. Players will play as a powerful battle mage, wield swords, shields and maces and cast powerful magic by drawing runes with their controller.

Stones of Harlath is inspired by classic dungeon crawlers, but enhanced by modern lighting and the immersive nature of VR. The game visual features include pixel-art textures, low poly models and high-quality lighting in a mix of 3D environments and 2D sprites.

Shipwrecked on the small island of Harlath, players will adventure through a semi-open-world environment and multiple dungeons, battling foes, solving puzzles, and ultimately discovering the nature of the curse that looms over the island.

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