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Swordsman VR [Gameplay]

Swordsman VR [Gameplay]

Swordsman VR [Review]

Swordsman VR [Review]

Swordsman VR [Gameplay]

Swordsman VR [Trailer]
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Swordsman VR

Available for Vive, Rift, Windows MR, PSVR, Quest & Valve Index


Swordsman is a physics-based medieval combat game, where you can customize your warrior, battle different factions in epic arenas and defeat powerful enemies to unlock their special boss weapons on your journey to save the world from evil.


  • Seven different thematic combat environments
  • Dismemberment, armor physics, hand-to-hand combat and advanced weapon handling
  • Factions, including: Knights, Vikings, Mongols, Samurai, Pirates and eight different bosses
  • Horde: a zombie survival mode
  • Various weapon types
  • Player progression and RPG elements
  • Dozens of armors, weapons and shields (including powerful boss weapons)
  • Campaign, Arena and Event modes
  • Lots of stats and skills to upgrade for your ideal character build
  • Chronokinesis to slow time down (with a modifier to let you do it whenever you want)
  • Gameplay modifiers to change the core game in fun and exciting ways
  • Participate in real-life events for real-life prizes
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    • TitleSwordsman VR
    • DeveloperSinn Studio Inc (4)
    • Released25th September 2020
    • StatusFull Release
    • Platform (Change) PSVR
    • In-Game Specs

    • Number of PlayersSingle Player
    • Play AreaRoomscale
    • ControlsMotion Controllers

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