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A 30 minute surrealist fever dream into weirdness

Reviewed by Griffin on 22nd July 2022 on HTC Vive

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TERMINUS is not really a game as there is no story to speak of or any interactive gameplay, but rather a 5 part (30 minutes total) VR experience that can best be described as the recreation of a surrealist's fever dream rendered with all the power of early 90's 3D graphics demos.

The steam page does not mention WMR support however I played the experience with no issue on the HP reverb G2.

Graphics & Presentation

The game's graphics are an oddity. They are not exactly graphically impressive but that is clearly not the developer's intent the graphics feel like they are rendered in the 90s with a creepy mix of matte and glossy surfaces and a mix of ornate details and simple blocky geometry. I can't think of any objective measure for it, its is clearly a love it or hate it style.

Sound FX & Music

As far as music goes there is very little. Most of the game is filled with more droning monotone notes and eerie sound effects, however, it certainly fits the vibe of the game but it's also not that incredibly integrated either.


There are no controls in the game it is played completely stationary the only control is a gaze look to select each level.

No motion controls used.

Value & Replayability

I can certainly see potential replayability if one were to use certain 'mind-altering" substances but in regular play, there is not a ton to be gained from any additional plays.

Final Thoughts

I think with expectations in check TERMINUS is an interesting venture into VR. It is not very demanding of hardware or the user but is a unique experience that really can't be captured in anything else.

I think at the sale price its currently marked at $5 in my local currency its not a bad pickup.

      Reviewed by Griffin on 22nd July 2022 on HTC Vive

      6 out of 10

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