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The Guy VR Review

A neat concept but mediocre execution can only get you so far

Reviewed by Griffin on 27th March 2022 on PSVR

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I played The Guy VR on Steam which is currently delisted however the developer seems to have plans to put it back on steam at some point, also the version I played was titled 'Suicide Guy VR'

In Suicide Guy VR you play as the guy, who has fallen asleep and is about to drop his beer unless he can wake up quickly, you must kill yourself in multiple dream levels to achieve this, That's it, that's the whole story, pretty simple right.

The game took me a little over 3 hours to complete.

I played the game on the following hardware:

Intel I7 7700k

GTX 1080 Ti

HP Reverb G2

Graphics & Presentation

The Graphics in the game are all fairly stylized, and I enjoyed the ascetic, however, there were a number of textures and models that were a bit too low detail, with player shadow being one of the most notable examples of this, and can always be seen.

The game has about 20+ levels each with varied locations and set pieces which are quite nice rather than the usual re-used assets.

The Game features a full player body including a lovely beer belly which you can slap, very fun.

You also sport some giant hands which while different get in the way immediately, luckily there is an option to reduce them.

Performance in the game was perfectly fine never even a hitch.

Sound FX & Music

The music in the game is very nice and has a decent variety for each level.

The sounds are more annoying, the player has about three jump voice files and they get very annoying very quickly. There was also a ringing sound effect that kept going off throughout my entire playthrough I had no idea what I was doing to trigger it but it kept happening constantly and got incredibly annoying.

Gameplay & Immersion

The gameplay is simple and is a bit of a puzzle platformer, with each level taking about 3 to 8 minutes to complete, and the puzzles are really simple, you can pretty much solve anything in the game upon first looking at the levels.

The platforming in this game is really annoying. The player has this slight where if you jump close enough to a ledge you will climb up, but its really inconsistent making jumping just feel unfair at times, also seemly walking out of your original standing position breaks this even further.

The game has no tutorial really, and each level just ends when you die which doesn't really feel that satisfying. I would have preferred some sort of end card to see my progress in-game.


Controls were my absolute biggest gripe with the game, everything just feels so sloppy from the jumping previously mentioned to the grabbing which your big hands combined with your beer belly are always getting in the way and blocking you, to just moving often times it seems the game would have a delayed reaction to movement or just straight up not work, and from playing other games I can confirm it was not my headset, however, I cannot confirm if this was just an HP reverb issue.

The game also has a few vehicle sections which are unexplained and controlled very oddly.

Value & Replayability

The game is really not that replayable because like most puzzle games once you have solved the puzzle there is not much else to do.

The game is not for sale in my region anymore but it might be an OK pickup at say $5

Final Thoughts

I like the simple premise of the game, but a lack of any real challenge and annoying controls make it too hard to recommend.

  • Unique art
  • Varied locations
  • Good Music
  • Annoying controls
  • Simple levels
  • Short overall playtime

Reviewed by Griffin on 27th March 2022 on PSVR

4 out of 10

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The Guy VR
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