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Oculus Quest

Ultra Height: Mist City Climb

A VR Game available for Oculus Quest


Ultra Height: Mist City Climb By Ultra Fun Games ! 

For the beginners, it is a fun and scary experience where you climb and move around the highest city heights you ever seen!

For the advanced gamers, it is the most awesome, fun and challenging fitness/platformer/climbing game. It has 40 levels, each level becoming harder than the previous one, plus a bonus level and a workout mode (an infinite level perfectly designed for VR fitness)!

 You can wear sandbags for the wrists and a sand vest for a harder workout! If you just want to have fun, you can try to finish the levels in the mist city, but we bet you won't make it past level 30! 

Reach the tallest city heights, no other game takes you so high up! 

Jump, climb, move and zip to race against time and beat the highscore! 

Use fitness sandbags for a harder workout, no other game trains your arms like this! You can find VR fitness gear on UltraFunGames.com to buy!

The  most challenging VR climbing game so far!

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