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VR Travel Review

Informative but could be more immersive

Reviewed by Johnny_Programmer on 29th May 2022 on Oculus Quest

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The app has two main parts, a main room and some experiences:

The main room, supports roomscale navigation, or teleport. In the main room is a choice of 3 experiences, and some instructions. The different experiences are in different parts of the main room so you have to move to those places to select them.

The other part of the game is the experiences, I selected the aincient Turkey experience. The experiences are essentially a narrated 3d slide show, you have 45 or so graphic images that the Narrator talks about and you advance through at your pace. Images are generally of high quality, but the 3d effect if only forward looking, you cant for example turn your head as in vr 360. Narration is informative, and if you like to see things from other countries it free, so it may be worth spending a few minutes checking out


Supports roomscale and teleport (in main room)

      Reviewed by Johnny_Programmer on 29th May 2022 on Oculus Quest

      5 out of 10

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      VR Travel
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