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HTC Vive

VRSailing by BeTomorrow

A VR Game & VR Experience available for HTC Vive & Valve Index



Experience the thrill of VR sailing in this breathtaking experience using your HTC Vive!


This FREE experience lets you test your sailing skills on a realistic water simulation and in 3 different weather conditions.

This VR simulation is really easy on motion sickness due to special camera implementation and "cockpit effect".

You can use your Vive controllers to interact with the ship like a real sailor!

There is not any purchases inside the game, this is 100% Free!


- Outstanding water effect and simulation.

- Realistic wind, sails and boat movement.

- 3 different weather conditions: day, night & storm.

- Motion sickness free! (If you can handle the storm :) )

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"Really nice tech demo"

It's a free tech demo where you get to steer a boat through the ocean waves and not much else, however the incredible water and weather effects make this an excellent showcase for VR and well worth a try.

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Reviewed by Chris P on 30th March 2018 on HTC Vive


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