Wanderer Review

A Great looking and Fun Puzzle game for VR

Reviewed by Griffin on 8th December 2022

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In Wanderer, you play as Asher who must use a time/location travel to move between different locations in time adjusting the world to change the future.

Wander is a puzzle game and I suspect play time will vary highly based on how fast you can solve the puzzles which will differ per player but the game took me 8 hours to complete.

The system I played on:

Intel I7 7700k

GTX 1080 ti

16 Gb Ram

HP Reverb G2

Graphics & Presentation

The graphics in Wanderer are really good some of the better-looking visuals I have seen in a VR title, the game has a very realistic art style that is supported by details environments overall good texture fidelity and realistic character models.

I was unable to run the game at its highest settings however the game offers a large number of graphical settings to adjust so that you can balance visuals and performance.

Optimization seemed quite good as even though I was not able to max out graphics settings the setting I had to settle on for good performance still looked quite sharp to my eyes.

The game world is not huge but there is also a large variety of locations you travel to with lots of different styles which was unexpected.

Sound FX & Music

Voice acting in the game was quite good you are an NPC talking in your ear the entirety of the game with a southern USA accent ( I think I am not from the USA) that I could see get a little grating as the accent it quite strong. however the performances are good and sound quite professional.

I didn't take that much note of the music during my time playing however there is one level with a heavy emphasis on music that I thought came together quite well.

there is also a good amount of sound fx that I notice when hitting objects together and walking on different surfaces which I think added to the overall immersion of the experience.

Gameplay & Immersion

Gameplay I think could be a bit polarizing for some, when broken down to its essence the gameplay is essentially just a series of mini-games, some of these minigames include: matching notes, matching coloured domino-type fuses, archery wave shooting, and hitting blocks on a rhythm, this is only a small example of the type of gameplay there much more but that's kind of the idea behind most of the gameplay.

As mentioned previously this is a puzzle game so the other challenge in the gameplay comes from solving how to get to that point to get to that mini-game so you need to figure out what items are needed and where they are you will need to travel to one world to get an item then take it back to the world you are trying to solve and unlock the area to unlock the rest of the story.

early on in the game I found that the player was presented with a lot of puzzles and it was unclear to me which order I needed to complete them in and what solving each would do which lead to early confusion, however, after the initial start the game unfolds quite linearly in a more predictable manner.

There is also a hint system in the way of the voice by your side who can assist you if you ever do get stuck.

Speaking of stuck my biggest issue with the game, without spoiling the sequence there is a segment in the game in which after you complete the puzzle you cannot return to that area again with can lead to a big issue as you can permanently lose the quest items if you left any in that area, this bug caused my to have to restart the chapter and lose my progress on collectibles. very annoying but avoidable if you know what to look out for do not leave items in the time travel worlds leave everything in the hub world.


Controls worked fine for me without issues on my WMR controllers.

the controls were also quite natural and interactions worked as I expected the only notable omission was the lack of two-handed grabbing, not a big issue as there is no melee combat but a bit odd when holding some of the larger items.

Value & Replayability

in addition to the story, the game has two collectibles one in the form of glowing jewels which serve a gameplay function increasing your storage and another in various household objects which are used to unlock different skins for your time travel watch.

not something I would nessisarily do a whole second play though but for the completionist can offer a bit more content in the form of a scavenger hunt,

Final Thoughts

Overall I really liked Wanderer it has great visuals and I really liked the varsity of locations the game takes you to, good voice acting and a variety of gameplay.

where I think the game lacks is in its few combat sections which feel a little basic and repetitive and a few very glaring bug potentials.

  • Really great visuals and artstyle
  • Fantastic voice acting
  • Good location variety
  • Strong opening narritive and world
  • scarce but basic combat
  • some early weak direction
  • Narritive does struggle a bit at the end.

Reviewed by Griffin on 8th December 2022

7 out of 10

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