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Oculus Quest


A VR Game, VR App & VR Experience available for Oculus Quest

Zoe enables the rapid creation of interactive 3D scenes through a no-code interface and automation. Invite your friends, students, colleagues and clients to collaborate, learn and create together in real-time.

What can I create with Zoe?

With Zoe you can create anything you have in mind. It has been used to host remote workshops, virtual classrooms, project-based-learning activities, meetups, events and create interactive stories, adventure games, and even mini-games for therapy.

Our free version includes templates, creator tools and multiplayer capabilities for up to 3 members. Visit www.zoe.com to learn how you can increase the number of collaborators.

7 Launch Templates
8 Environments
350+ Local Assets
1M+ Online Assets Through Sketchfab
3 Projects and 3 Scenes Per Project
Unlimited Interactions

If you would like to submit a template you created to be integrated into our next community update, go to zoe.com/templates and fill out the form.

Developed by Zoe Immersive | Release date: 27th October 2022
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