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Explorer Points

Explorer points are our ranking system on the site, and will also put you in line to win game keys and perhaps other vr goodies as a reward for contributing to the VR Explorer community and helping the site grow. (We only launched in March 2021)

Explorer Points will be earned each time you post a review of a VR game, post a new deal, post in the VR Explorer forum, or create a useful VR list on the site. The system is still in development, but points are still being registered, so when it is introduced you will get all the points you have earned, and as an early member you will get access to bonus features of the site which are yet to be determined but might be a special rank or title only attainable by early members who helped the site get off the ground in its initial stages.

Current Launch Specials

Joining the site - 500 explorer points!
As one of the very first members to join the site, you will instantly earn 500 points! This is only available for a limited time so sign-up now - you have nothing to lose but everything to gain if you love VR and VR gaming!

Review a VR title - 50 explorer points!
Review any vr game or experience and earn 50 points! Again this offer is time limited.