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I have a lot planned for the VR Gamer website but unfortunately ran out of funding for the development, mainly due to covid (amongst other factors). I am therefore looking for people to donate monetarily or help finish the development by helping to get the coding finished by applying their skills (PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, Ajax). I am extremely passionate about getting this site finished as I love VR and want to make a great resource for all enthusiasts out there, therefore please donate if you can and you like what I am doing. Please see the other support options below and a big thank you for your interest. - Chris

1. Donate
Please donate if you can afford to, no matter how small the amount, as it will go straight towards helping me get the site finished.

2. Advertise
If you have a business that would suit our site (a VR, Gaming, or Tech business) I could promote your business throughout the VR GAMER site and emails, in return for development funding. Please bear in mind the site is brand new so very little to no traffic right now until the main core of development is complete and we go about promoting it. That's when you should see your returns.

3. Hands-on development
If you have the coding skills (php/css/javascript/ajax) and can donate some time to helping me get bits done on the site, that would be great! Please get in-touch using the email below. Thank you.

4. Add VR Game Reviews
If you enjoy reviewing games, please consider adding reviews to the VRE website of the latest VR games you play. Reviews are extremely useful for other VR users, and so make excellent content for the site.

Let your VR buddies know about this website by spreading the word on social media, email or simple word of mouth! Thank you.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch. All the best and stay safe.

Chris - VR GAMER